Tuesday, September 10, 2013

IVF Surrogacy Procedure Genesis

The problem of infertility - the inability to have children and continue to pursue its trunk - was already known in antiquity . Also, the idea of surrogacy has emerged among the people for a long time .

The first case of surrogacy child was still described in the Old Testament ( Genesis 16 ), two thousand years before Christ. At that time the servant Hagar was invited to discharge as a surrogate mother , the child of Abraham, whose wife was not able to get pregnant .

History knows many similar cases , how to solve the problem of infertility . Was used as a surrogate mother of the child slaves and concubines in many countries of the world.

At that time, of course, only a so-called "traditional" surrogacy was possible. Genetic parents of the child were the father as the client and the surrogate mother herself , and fertilization is carried out in a natural way .

The first successful artificial fertilization " in vitro " with subsequent extracorporeal fertilization (IVF ) fand1978 inEngland instead . As a result, the famous Louise Brown is born - the first " test-tube baby " !

The use of IVF ( in vitro fertilization) , the hosting and delivery through the surrogate mother of her child genetically quite strange ( full surrogacy ) has been successfully performed for the first time in the USA in 1986.

Within 30 years, since the time when Louise Brown saw the light of day , over two million children are born out of the test tube in the world. This means that more than two million families have had the opportunity to overcome the problem of infertility to become parents of the loved and wanted children to get their heir and continuator of the family traditions !

Surrogacy in Ukraine
The introduction of reproductive medicine began in Ukraine beginning of the 80s of the last century . One had the method of extracorporeal fertilization successfully used for the first time . In 1991, a girl Katya was born thanks to IVF.

Surrogacy today
The medical portion of the surrogacy program has made significant progress and is now being implemented at the highest technological level - doctors do not perform up to 600 extracorporeal fertilization that have been made , so that Louise Brown was born . The legal part of the program of surrogacy is still not sufficiently regulated in many countries.

Surrogacy is forbidden , for example, in Austria , Germany , Norway , Sweden, France and some U.S. states by law.

In Belgium , Greece , Ireland and Finland the invitation of surrogate mothers for the treatment of infertility is not regulated by law , but probably exists.

In some countries, only a non-profit surrogacy allowed if the surrogate receives no payment, and the advertising of surrogacy and the choice of surrogate mothers are prohibited. Such legislation exists in Australia , Britain, Denmark, Israel , Spain, Canada , the Netherlands and in some U.S. states.

The non-profit surrogacy is more available to couples who are forced to use the method of artificial insemination . The services of fertility clinics are quite expensive. At the same time everyone has the right to satisfy his own interests, therefore the surrogate child is entitled to expect gratitude for their support.

The application of surrogacy , including on a commercial basis is permitted by law in most U.S. states , South Africa, Russia, Georgia and Ukraine.

The legislation concerning surrogacy is the most complete in our country. ( Surrogacy , insemination , donation of sperm and egg cells , application of other reproductive technologies for the treatment of infertility ) . However, these legal issues are very complicated and not many lawyers are sufficiently competent in all details in this application .

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